The Neglected Married Women

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The Neglected Married Women

I got married when I was 20 years old and have been married for 6 years and I admit that I have cheated on my husband more then once. I remember clearly that the first time was after 2 years into our marriage. It was due to neglect. My husband was never home for me. He works night shift as this allow him to earn a bit more money. So by the time he was home it is usually in the morning and during the day while I am out and going about doing things he would be at home sleeping. By night he was off at work. Therefore, on the lonely night I would search on the internet for someone to chat to and listen to me. One thing lead to the next and sex became a big part in those relationships.

It wasn't long until my husband got a day job and the problems were resolved. At first, problems between us work out and things were becoming good. And I have put those affairs behind me by telling myself that I was young and not sure what I really wanted.

It was soon to be realized that I wasn't too young. I actually really enjoy the attention and the fonder by other men and that I do enjoy their companionship.

I also realized that there are things that are missing from my relationship with my husband and that it can never be found with him. So I decided to continue searching for other man that can fulfill these missing desire, while I keep them undercover for the sake of my husband.

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