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I am a single man in my late 20's and has always be fond of married women. I have always like how matured they are. And knowing that they are married and cheating on their husband excites me. I have always believed that if they have been neglected and mistreated by their husband then I can give them what they have missed out on.

The most memorable married woman I have encountered was Sally*. Although, our relationship was only for a short while, she was something wild. She was in her early 30's, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a figure to die for. I meet her online. We cyber chatted for a couple weeks. Firstly, discussing her problems about her husband always being away on business trips and was never there for her. Then we discuss what she liked and wanted in life.

Our discussion then extended to sexual desires she had. So we decided to meet. We had sex on that very date we had at her place while her husband was away. She was like a wild animal. We made love in all different positions. Her scream of orgasms just made me continue to fulfill her and myself for hours. We continued our meeting whenever Sally's* husband was away, but soon the passion died down and we went our separate ways.

I continue to search for other lonely married women online and I am sure Sally* is too.

*Name has been changed

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