Married Women Stories

Married Women Stories

The Working Married Women

I have been married for about 3 years now, at first my husband and I had a really good relationship, spending lots of quality time together. As years went by, our relationship grew apart due to the fact that we both had to work very hard to pay off the mortgage on our home.

My hard work was paid off by a promotion meaning more money but longer hours at work. I started to stay at work more and often to ridiculous hours of the night. By the time I usually get home, my husband was asleep. We never had the energy or time to make love nor did we have cuddles. Due to this I have lost interest in my husband. So I turn to find new interest in a male college who works with me. It didn't't take long for us to take thing sexually.

My ridiculous hours at work turn out to be sexual encounters with my new man. We would wait for everyone to leave the office and made love in places that fulfilled all my desires. This affair didn't last long as he has now found another job and left my office.

I don't regard doing it and I have intention in telling my husband. I believe what he doesn't know won't hurt. As for me, a new guy has just started at my office. I am sure it won't take long to fulfill my other desires.

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